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Local Flies

With a wide variety of marine environments comes a wide variety of species. To tackle these we use a range of flies, some of which are described below.


The clouser has proven itself over and over on the Central Coast. A pattern much loved and simple to tie, we usually go for all white, chartreuse and white and pink and white on size 1 hooks and a range of eye sizes depending how deep we want to fish. The flathead are particularly favourable to them, but bream, flounder and pelagics will also take them when they're around.

Crazy Charlies

The diminutive Crazy Charlie belies its fish catching ability. Great for bream and whiting it will also tempt any other species around the Coast. Even salmon (kawahi) have been known to have a go at them.

Baitfish Patterns

Surf candies, sparklebaits, eyes flies. Call them what you like, anything resembling a small baitfish is a sure way to catch fish around here, particularly pelagics. We tie a range of patterns and sizes but generally they are basically white with big eyes. See our recipes page for patterns.