Fly Tying


Our members tie everything from size 24 nymphs to 8/0 marlin streamers. Here are some of our favourite patterns in photo instructional and video formats

Glass Bead Pheasant Tail Nymph (video)
A different take on the classic pheasant tail nymph
"All Cear" Eyes Fly (video)
A fast, simple fly pattern commonly used here on the Central Coast for Australia Salmon (Kawahi)
Weed Fly (video)
The weed fly is used during our rock fishing outings. The blackfish love them.
Clear Crazy Charlie (photo)
A variation on the standard crazy charlie, this one has proven popular on the Coast .
Bread Fly (video)
Designed for drummer off the rocks.
Foam Frog Popper (video)
A simple foam popper ideal for Bass
DNA Clouser (video)
A great fly for everything from flathead to jewfish
Fuzzel Baitfish (video)
Muzz Wilson's famous bream pattern is also a great salmon catcher
Polar Fibre Minnow (video)
A medium-sized baitfish imitation
Woven Mudeye (video)

Useful not only for trout but a range of freshwater species including bass & yellow and silver perch

Egg Sucking Leech (video)
Our traditional carp catcher
Ice Wing Anchovy (video)
Another useful baitfish pattern
PMG Sparklebait (video)
A fly you should always have in your fly box.
EP Squid (video)
Articulated squid fly for your favourite pelagics
Bass Vampire (video)
Two variations on the classic bass catcher
The Bunny Bandit (video)
A fly for any occaision based on the fish skull head
DNA Holo-Ghost (video)
A great all-round baitfish pattern
Gurgler Shrimp (video)
A simple floating shrimp pattern for bream