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Updated 6 November, 2015

November 2015

2016 Club Calendar

Last Wednesday night's meeting saw the selection made for next year's club calendar. The photos are:


February 2015

Hinchinbrook Talk by Clint Isaac

At this month's meeting we were lucky enough to have Clint Isaac of Australian Flyfishing Outfitters. Clint is a flyfishing guide based out of Hinchinbrook Island and gave us an excellent presentation on flats and sight fishing around Hinchinbrook, covering a range of topics including flies, equipment and techniques. He also showed a short video with plenty of big fish and amazing sight fishing. Everyone was very keen and had plenty of questions for Clint.

November 2014

2015 Club Calendar

Wednesday night's meeting saw the photos selected for the 2015 Club Calendar. A great collection of photos were submitted and the 13 below attracted the greatest number of votes:

September 2014

RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival

Another awesome screening of the RISE Film Festival. This year hosted by RC Cone the films were from far and wide with our own home-grown Fraser Island featuring. We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed all of the films.

August 2014

Spey Casting Day

A great day was had with Bintoro. Five budding spey casters attended and by day's end we were sore and tired, but we could spey cast! Our thanks to Bintoro, a gifted instructor and great guy. We look forward to him joining us again for future classes.

July 2014

Casting Tuition Days

With thanks to Roger Fielden for organising, we are looking forward to 2 days of casting tuition from reknowned casting instructors Bintoro Tedjosiswoyo and Juan del Carmen on the 2nd and 3rd of Ausust. Bintoro will be sharing his extensive knowledge and skills in spey casting styles while Juan will teach advanced casting techniques for single handed rods. While the Bintoro class is full, Juan's class has a couple of vacancies for anyone interested. These guys will transform your casting skills and are highly recommended to novice and experienced casters alike.

RISE Film Festival 2014

Put this one in your calendars. The film festival visits us this year on Friday 5 September. It's shaping up to be another awesome night with a great range of films including one based around Fraser Island in Queensland - a place some of us are familiar with. Keep an eye out in the club calendar for further details.

2014 Annual General Meeting

Well another year has passed and we find ourselves at yet another AGM. The meeting was well attended with over 30 members voting in the new President, Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer. Congratulations to David Witham (President), Bob Williams (Vice President), Chris Bannerman (Secretary) and Steve Tizard (Treasurer).

Past President David Witham gave a rundown on the past year which is presented below.

This is the club’s 13th year of existence and we continue to grow and see new faces attending meetings and joining the club. We have also seen a few previous members come back to the club, which is great to see. We ended the year with 48 members which is up on where we were last year. Hopefully we can break the 50 mark this financial year.

This past year has seen many members catch their very first fish on fly. Many more members capturing new species, fish in new locations, learn new skills both on the water and off the water and most importantly shared their experiences with others. That is what being a member of this club is all about.

Again, we have had some great meetings over the last 12 months. Some of the more memorable meetings have been Jeff Medhurst’s tutorial on making your own popper heads, Roger’s furled leader demonstration and Steve Morenos’ photography talk. It’s great to see our members taking up the opportunity to share their knowledge with the rest of us. We have some exciting speakers coming over the next 12 months, that I am sure will spark quite a bit of interest. We have a talk on Snakes, Snake bites and first aid coming up in August. Josh Hutchins to talk about TCD and fishing the blue mountains for trout in September, just in time for our October outing to Wallerawang. In the new year we have Clint Isaac from Australian FlyFishing Outfitters coming to tell us about fishing tropical Queensland and more specifically the flats around Hinchinbrook.

We had another casting tuition weekend last August and were lucky enough to have Peter again join us and take a group of us through the basics of casting as well as more advanced techniques. I am sure I speak for everyone that attended that it was money well spent and that we all came away with improved casting or at least the knowledge to be able to self correct when something doesn’t go quite right. This year we will have casting instruction from Bintoro and Juan in August. We will cover that later in the meeting.

Both the website and Facebook continue to be a valuable resource for the club, both in terms of providing entertainment and information for our members, but most importantly giving the club an identity to the public and potential new members. Thanks to Chris for continuing to manage the website and to the many members that have contributed photos and articles or reports to the site. If there are ideas of things you’d like to see added to the site make sure you let us know. The site is only as good as the information we put on there and we need to keep the content current. Who looked at the website before joining the club? We will talk more about content later in the meeting.

We of course had our calendar competition at the end of 2013 and again had an impressive number of photos submitted and as a result have a very good end product that takes pride of place on many members’ walls, and a few non-members walls through the interclub etc. This is something that sets our club apart from some of the other fly clubs around and often draws very positive comments from people outside the club that see the calendar.

From a financial perspective we ended the year on a positive, but I will leave that to Steve to run through in his report.

As always there are many people to thank for their efforts over the year. Of course the committee for everything they do behind the scenes to keep this club up and running. To Chris for his efforts with the website, and also for the work on the calendars and RISE Film Festival every year. To Steve not only for his efforts as treasurer, but for his donations through the year of books, magazines etc . To Bob for his usual input and endless knowledge of all things fly fishing as well as locations and information on specific species, rules etc. All these things come together to complete what is a wonderful club.

I would also like to thank Len, Mac and Murray for their contributions with trip organising and BBQ facilitation. I can tell you that it is not an easy task to organise most of our outings and quite often it can be a thankless task that goes on behind the scenes and un-noticed by most.

Thank you to John Robb & John Humphries for their efforts with keeping us linked in to what is happening within the CFA. And to the many members that have brought in magazines, DVDs etc to share with all of us a big thank you.

Also a thank you to Stickerman for allowing us to use his factory for out fly tying nights!

I am sure I have missed many of our members who go out of their way to help others or the club, so a BIG thank you to all our members. This club wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for your willingness to participate, share and collaborate.

So, Moving into 2015. As a Committee we didn’t see the need to change anything major. Fees remain the same as they have been since day 1 – not many clubs can attest to being able to do that! We will continue to run meetings and outings as we do today, but if you have any input on these be sure to let us know. The committee did discuss outing locations as over the past couple of years we have visited the same places and fished for the same species. Whilst this might be a good thing in terms of understanding species or locations, I am sure some of you have ideas for new places to try. Again feel free to let us know and we can discuss with the members.

We are looking at trips to NZ and possibly Weipa (pending the trip in September). These are big events to organise and we will need to lock in numbers well ahead of time. More to come on this.

One thing that I request of every member is ideas on what you would like to see or hear about over the next 12 months. Guest speakers, videos, demonstrations – whatever. If there is something you want to learn about or something you’d like to be updated on just let us know and we will see what we can organise. Better still if anyone would like to organise a speaker, please feel free to do so and work with me on timing etc. Hopefully we will see more names on the list of people we thanks at the end of every year.

Again, thank you for the last year and for your continued support of the club, I look forward to another excellent year, with lot’s of new species, locations and of course fun!!!

June 2014

Committee Meeting

Our annual committee meeting was held on 30 June. All members of the committee were in attendance. Steve Tizard presented the club's financials for the past year and we discussed a number of new ideas for the upcoming year including 'New Member' packs to help them get started in fly fishing adn a new club hat. More to come over the next few meetings.

February 2014

Welcome back everyone. Happy New Year. Let's hope it's a year of tight lines for everyone.


February Meeting

Plenty of enthusiastic members at last night's meeting with many stories of fish they've caught over the Christmas break. Amongst the myriad of species caught were a number of firsts, including Col Hession's first tailor on fly, Jim Hollet's first Queenfish, Mick Dillon's first river-caught bass, Jeff Medhurst's multiple firsts including Sooty Grunter, Estuary Cod and Alligator Gar.

John Robb gave us a run down on the upcoming Interclub. Contact John if you wish to participate. Hopefully we can retain the club trophy yet again.

The next meeting will be the last sunset casting session for this year before daylight savings end. Also, we are looking at having another auction at the next meeting so please contact David Witham to register your interest in selling gear.

November 2013

2014 Calendar

This month's meeting saw the judging of the photos for the 2014 Club Calendar. With limits on the number of photos one can submit we were still treated to some 40 great photos of which 12 were selected for inclusion in this year's calendar. Below are the 12 images.

September 2013

Fly Fishing Film Festival

Our annual Fly Fishing Film Festival was a hit again this year. The films continue to be spectacular. Nick's feature film 'Leviathon' showed some truly huge fish being caught on fly, sometimes in ankle deep water. 'Jungle Fish' saw amazing footage of Aparima being caught in South America and 'Blackwater Devil's Gold' continued the South American trend fishing for Dorado in Bolivia. Finally, 'Only The River Knows' was an intriguing film about NZ fly fishing which captivated the audience prompting some of us to buy the entire movie on DVD afterwards - just to find out what happens.

Our thanks to Nick and Marc for bringing the Film Festival back to us again. It was a great night.

June 2013

Mac Lyall

It was a bit of a shock to hear that Mac Lyall had been in a motor cycle accident and was in Royal North Shore with broken verterbra, broken ribs and a smashed wrist. Luckily for him (if you can call it luck) there was no major damage and he should make a full recovery. A few of us visited Mac in hospital the other weekend and apart from being bored out of his skull he is in good spirits. We wish him a speedy recovery.


AGM News

Please note that the club AGM will be held in August due to circumstances beyond our control. The committee held their committee meeting on the 19th of June. Among the items discussed were the upcoming film festival, club financials and the calendar photo competition. Items arising will be discussed further at the AGM .

Please note that fees are due at the July meeting even though the AGM is the following month .


Fly Fishing Film Festival

We finally have a date for this year's RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival - Friday 13 Spetember. It will be held at the same venue as last year, the Central Coast Grammar School, which proved extremely successful. Tickets will be on sale at the door at a cost of $20 each. A raffle will be also held on the evening.


June Meeting

A good turnout for such a miserable evening weatherwise. Members' catches over the last month included a number of firsts - Ivan (Carp), Peter Frere (EP and Golden Spot Trevally), Len (Bream) and Scott Chaney got his first carp on fly as well. Well done to everyone.

The raffle is still running and will be drawn at the AGM. First prize is a Fujifilm waterproof compact camera, Second Prize is a shoulder/sling pack and Third Prize is a fly tying kit. Tickets are on sale at the meetings.

Our next auction will be held the meeting after the AGM. If you have anything fishing-related you'd like to sell then please let Len know.

The Peter Morse fly casting clinic is now going to be on the weekend of the 10th of August.

June meeting's species tally:

Gold Spot Trevally
Big Eye Trevally

May 2013

May Meeting

At tonight's meeting we arranged another casting weekend with Peter Morse. A very popular weekend with members (read a review of last year's weekend here) this year will follow the same format with the basic/intermediate classes on Saturday and the advanced class on Sunday morning. In addition, Peter will give us a talk on fishing photography on Saturday evening. Further detail can be found here.

This evening also saw the first of our auctions. Several items were bought along for auction and Dave provided us with lively auctioneering. Winners of the auctioned items were:

Jeff Medhurst (Gillies rod tube)
Col Breese (Shakespeare 4/5wt rod)
Jim Hollett (Shakespeare 6/7wt rod)
Stickerman (fly tying kit + bonus egg yarn and rafia)

Thanks to everyone who were involved. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next auction.

May meeting's species tally:

Brown trout
Silver Perch
Big Eye Trevally

March 2013

March Meeting

A big turnout to the march meeting with our casting session providing some fun with double handed casting. At the meeting itself we planned the outings from March to July.

With the NSW CFA weekend coinciding with our club outing weekend this month, we decided to continue holding the club trip on the same weekend for those who weren't heading out to Wallerawang. The trip will be at Terrigal as the frigates are still running in The Haven. Check the club calendar for details.

Our trip calendar will hold some new and interesting trips mixed with some old favourites. Next month we'll have an overnighter to Sawansea, staying in the caravan park we can fish estuary in the evening and get an early start the next day.

For May we plan to head up the coast to Old Bar. We'll be camping at a camp ground accessible by 4WD up the beach, or by boat. Len Verrenkamp spends a lot of time up there and speaks very highly of it.

More details on these at upcoming meetings.

For June and July we'll head back to the rocks to fish for our old favourites, drummer and luderick.

Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo

A new fly fishinhg expo is being held at Thredbo this 12-14 April. There will be workshops on casting, streamcraft and fly tying. Entry is free however there are packages at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel who are hosting the Expo. Email for further information.


February 2013

Welcome to 2013. We've had a wet start to the year and this has made the fishing challenging. Most of our Sunday afternoon beach fishing have been washed out, and the January outing at Swansea was decidely wet.

Still, we look forward to a year of good fishing. Many of the guys are heading to the Sydney Fly Outfitters & Guiding NSWCFA Fly-Fising Meet in March. Good luck guys, let's hope you bring back the trophy again.


December 2012

December Meeting

The final meeting for the year and we wish you all well for Christmas and the New Year. Let's hope 2013 is a year of great opportunities and plenty of tight lines.

Our calendars arrived and looked great. Pick up yours at the next outing or meeting, or from West Gosford Bait and Tackle.

With summer upon us we have decided to hold a casual Sunday afternoon fish at a local beach every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Details will be emailed to members prior to the day.

The club voted on handing the sponsorship of the fishing platform in Narara Creek over to the RFA/Angler Access Trust. John Robb will still manage the project.


November 2012

November Meeting

A big meeting tonight with the voting on the club's photo competition for the 2013 Calendar. Congratulations to Murray coming first and third in the votes with Ken picking up second. The range and quality of photos continues to be very impressive and 2013 calendar will look great.

We also had a hug range of species caught in the previous month, including carp, tailor, kawahi, trout, bass, yellowbelly, striped bass, smallmouth bass, king salmon, bronze whaler shark, estuary perch, brassy trevally, queenfish, barra, red emperor, tusk fish, golden trevally and flathead.


September 2012

September Meeting

Another good turnout for last night's meeting. Welcome to Russell, Lachlan and Luke who attended for the first time. Reports from the August trip were enouraging considering the weather was pretty average.

David Witham demonstrated tying a couple of fly patterns. They can be viewed on our fly recipe page here.


August 2012

RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival

The RISE Fly Fishing FIlm Festival was held last night at our new venue, the Central Coast Grammar School. It was a great success with around 40 members and guests.

Nick Reygaert presented 5 films for our viewing pleasure including the lastest crazy adventure from the Trout Bum guys, selected stories from Hatch, The Arctic by R.A. Beattie, dry fly fishing on the upper Missouri River and some great Aussie barra and saltwater fishing in Predator. All of the films were amazing with incredible cinematography especially the slow motion barramundi scenes in Nick's Predator.

Our thanks to Nick and his dad Marc for bringing the films to us and a special thanks to Sonja Holden for arranging the venue and putting a lot of effort to ensure the evening was a success. Her help was invaluable.

August Meeting (AGM)

With a near record attendance the AGM opened at 7:10pm. Elections for the office-bearers were breif with all four positions being filled by the previous office-holders, namely David Witham (President), Bob Williams (Vice President), Steve Tizard (Treasurer) and Chris Bannerman (Secretary). Congratulations to these guys.

Also during the AGM a motion was proposed to modify the club's code of ethics to include an agreement by all members to wear an appropriate flotation vest on club ocean rock fishing and all boating trips. The motion was passed unanimously by all members present and indicates the importance of saftey on all fishing trips. This safety device is in addition to the requirement of studded rock boots on all club ocean rock fishing trips.

We have decided to once again run the Fish Of The Quarter award. Those wishing to enter need to submit a photo of their catch by the April, July, October and December meetings. The fish needs to be caught during the quarter it is entered.

We also plan to have an annual gear auction. For those of you with excess gear it is a great opportunity to make a few dollars and pass it on to someone who needs it. A percentage of the money will go to the club. Further details closer to the auction.

The AGM closed at 7:36pm.

Film Festival Update

Sonja and Malcolm Holden have generously organised for us the use of the auditorium at the Central Coast Grammar School at Erina. The venue has seating for up to 100 with a HD projector and amazing sound system. It should be a fantastic evening so please come along and make the first film festival at this venue a great one. Details on how to get to the school and auditorium can be viewed in the flyer here.


July 2012

RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival

The date for our annual screening of the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been finalised. It will be held on Friday 31 August. For lovers of fly fishing, exotic destinations and big fish this annual event is eagerly anticipated and always popular. Tickets will be on sale at the door ($15) with lucky door prizes. A range of fly fishing DVDs wil be on sale on the night. Check out this year's films at :

July Meeting

Normally our AGM but due to the absence of our illustrrious President it has been put back to the next meeting (August 1). The rod raffle will be drawn at the AGM.

Due to the recent tragic drownings of several people rock fishing (all not far from our June and July club outing location) at the July meeting the club discussed the idea of making life jackets mandatory on all club rock fishing trips. The idea was supported by most members and it will be brought to the vote at the AGM.


May 2012

May Meeting

At the May meeting we reported on the very successful Peter Morse casting weekend. With a dozen members attending Peter's classes and an enjoyable Saturday evening BBQ and fish at Little Moonee Creek the weekend was a huge success. And it was great to see Jeff Medhurst at the BBQ. While looking a little worse for wear, Jeff has recovered from his ordeal and we were all very glad to see him back on deck. Read the full report here.

Members were also treated to a slide presentation by John Roberts on New Zealand fly fishing. With inspiring photos and helpful commentary members were very appreciative of John's advice on travelling to the land of the long white cloud.


April 2012

April Meeting

The April club meeting saw the victorious members display their trophy from the CFA Interclub competition. Our club managed to take out the coveted Team Trophy with Ken Colmer, Murray Keating, Browny, Ray Tang and Jimmy Hyatt featuring on the winners' podium. Well done to everyone who attended - you did us proud.

The family trip to Lake Liddell was reported as a great success and we plan to make this trip an annual family outing. With many kids joining their dads we had a fantastic day with plenty of fish caught. The trip reports from this weekend can be found here.

Also discussed at the meeting was the opportunity for the club to take on a maintenance and management role of Little Moonee Creek fishing park. After much discussion on the pros and cons it was decided to form a committee to look into the matter and report back to the members. The committe consists of Rob Harwood, Col Breeese and Andrew Waters. Please direct any enquiries to these guys.


March 2012

March Meeting

A busy meeting last night with plenty to discuss. The casting session was skipped due to the weather and we ended the evening with some estuary fishing videos.

On a sad note, Terry Whitter informed us that Jeff Medhurst is in pretty bad shape after an operation. Jeff went into hospital on Tuesday 28th Feb for elective surgery to finally repair his stomach valve that had been troubleling him for most of his life. On Saturday his condition deteriorated rapidly and was taken back to hospital. The cause of this problem is infection. He's currently in an induced coma and the doctors are doing all they can to remove the infection. All our best wishes go to Jeff and we hope to see him back wetting a line soon.

On a happier note, the Peter Morse casting day has been so popular that Peter has decided to break it into two sessions over two days for the same price. If you haven't got your name down please contact Dave Witham. This is an excellent opportunity for those new to fly fishing to learn from one of the masters, and there's advanced classes for those more experienced who want to brush up on their technique. A date will be announced shortly.

John Robb has reported that the fishing platform on Narara Creek at Manns Road can now proceed with the council rezoning the land.

Discussion regarding a proposal for the club to manage the Little Moonee Creek fishing park centred around a visit to the park for this month's outing. The fishing will be preceded by a working bee to tidy the grounds and only those participating in the working bee will be permitted to fish. This will give members a chance to evaluate the park and see whether it's in our best interest to take on its management. If so, a committee will be established to further investigate this proposal.

Finally we wish all those heading up to the annual CFA Interclub the best of luck. Good hunting guys.

10 March 2012

February 2012

February Meeting

Welcome to 2012. Last night's meeting was held in what have been fairly standard weather conditions lately (ie rain, rain and more rain) so the casting session was skipped and we cut to the chase. With a good turnout considering the conditions and two months of fishing since our last meeting our regular round-table report from members resulted in a long and varied list of species ranging from locally-caught estuary and pelagic fish including salmon, frigate mackerel, bonito and kingfish to bream, flounder and flathead, to bass, golden perch and trout, to Queensland giant herring and NZ King salmon.

Our monthly achievment award went to John Robb for his first saltwater species on fly and we welcomed visitors Trent Morson and Len Verrenkamp to the meeting. Trent and Len were impressed enough with our friendly group that they both joined straight away, so welcome to the club guys.

During the meeting John Humphries spoke about the upcoming NSWCFA Interclub which the club regularly attends. This year is John's last year organising it and we hope to celebrate this by taking out the club trophy. Good luck guys. More information is available on the trip calendar pages or you can contact John for further details or registration.

Following the formalities we were treated to a talk by Rob Harwood on his recent trip to Canada and the US. Starting in LA Rob and Penny drove up the west coast to Vancouver in British Columbi where Rob hooked up with a guide and caught salmon until his arms ached and got sick of them. They then caught the Trans-Canadian railway to the east coast where the hosptiality of a local tackle shop owner saw Rob fishing for brook trout in bear country. Following this they travelled down the east coast to Martha's Vineyard where Rob fished for Mack Tuna. All in all it sounded like an awesome trip. Thanks to Rob for sharing it with us. Hopefully we'll be able to put in a trip report with pictures in the not too distant future.

Don't forget our 2012 Challenge. This year the challenge is to catch the most species on a surface fly so let's see what we can hook.

2 February 2012

December 2011

December Meeting

The last meeting for the year was held last night with 18 members and 1 visitor. Fishing reports from members for the month revealed a range of fish caught including whiting, mullett, flathead, bream, salmon, kingfish, bass and brown and rainbow trout.

The club's November trip to the Nepean River was very successful with around 160 bass caught over the weekend. Many thanks to Brownie for arranging the trip and to his brother for accommodating us in his back yard. Everyone enjoyed the hospitality even though the weather was sweltering. Congratulations to Brook, Dave De Luca and Steve Bunney for their first bass on fly.

Congratulations also go to Murray Keating. Murray entered his photo in the NSW Fisheries calendar competition and won a place in the calendar. His photo was also chosen for the recreational fishing guide booklet cover and will be seen by thousands of people around the state.

Speaking of calendars, our club calendar has arrived and was distributed to members at the meeting. If you weren't at the meeting and ordered one then please contact the club secretary to arrange picking it up.

John Robb also gave us a report on the NSW RFA meeting held recently in which he and John Humphries attended.

December's Christmas outing is this Sunday (11th), departing from Koolewong at 6am. A fish and chip lunch will be supplied to members and family at 12.30pm back at Koolewong. Please let Steve Tizard know if you are attending and how many will be in your party.

We also decided the Club Challenge for 2012 was to catch the most species as possible on surface flies. So dust off those poppers, gurglers, dahlbergs and dries and see what you can catch.

Finally, Steve Tizard presented to us a slideshow created by his wife Catherine on their trip to Africa. The photos were amazing and everyone enjoyed the show.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all members a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Don't forget there's no meeting in January but there will be a Pelagics outing from Patonga on the 15th of January 2012.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8 December 2011

November 2011

November Meeting

Last night's meeting was a big one, kicking off with a casting session and tournament casting demo by Jeff Randall from the Lakeside Fly Fishers in Sydney. Jeff demonstrated the various disciplnes involved in tournament casting with some of the members giving it a go. It would certainly improve casting accuracy and we may introduce a few casting targets at future casting sessions.

At the meeting itself Jeff gave us a rundown on how to get involved in tournament casting. Not a lot is done in NSW on the tournament casting ffront and Jeff is hoping to drum up some interest. If you are interested please contact Dave or myself.

Also at the meeting was the judging of the annual club calendar photo competition. With nearly 100 photos submitted it was hard to choose just 12 but after the votes were tallied we ended up with a great selection of photos for the 2012 calendar. The winners were:

1st: Chris Bannerman
2nd: Ken Colmer
3rd: Steve Tizard

You can view the 13 top photos here.

Remember, you need to ORDER AND PAY for your calendar by Friday 11th November. Please give your payment to either Dave Witham, Bob Williams, Steve Tizard or Chris Bannerman. Only a few extra calendars will be ordered so you may miss out unless you pre-order.

This month's outing is for bass on the Nepean River. Check the trip calendar for further details. And the December outing has been brought forward to 11 December.

November 3 2011

September 2011

September Meeting

At last night's monthly meeting we had the pleasure of a presentation and display of fly fishing gear from John of Pro-Angler. John gave us a run down of Pro-Angler's fishing holidays, covering a diverse range of destinations from Oberon and Victoria to Christmas Island and Patagonia. All sounded great and the prices weren't too bad either. John was full of great advice for travelling to those places and everyone enjoyed the presentation with plenty of questions and discussion.

Afterwards members perused a range of Pro-Angler products including Stalker rods and reels, shirts, jackets, waders, boots, lines and an assortment of accessories. Purchases were discounted for the evening and a number of people got a great deal. Our thanks to John for spending the time to visit us. We look forward to seeing him again next year as we make this an annual visit.

A quick meeting was held afterwards covering the upcoming Oberon trip and this month's salmon trip (contact Mac Lyall if you wish to come along).

Steve Tizard gave us a quick taste of his Africa trip. He'll be giving members a slideshow at one of our future meetings.

Members were also informed of a visit by Jeff Randall of the Lake Lakeside Fly Fishing Club, in Sydney. Jeff is a tournament fly caster and will be giving us an introduction to tournament fly casting, an area of the sport that we haven't really heard about up here. Dave has arranged for Jeff to come to the November meeting, give us a demo at the casting session prior to the meeting and a talk during the meeting. This sport is practically non- existent in NSW, with Lakeside being the only club that actually holds regular competition casting (with the exception of ACT Fly Fishers). Victoria has quite a strong following in tournament casting, and Jeff is looking to try and create a little more interest from other clubs within NSW, and hence open up a few more opportunities for people within NSW who have, or would like to have a bit more activity in this area of fly casting.

Congratulations to Terry Whitter for his triple 'first-catch', winning the best fish prize for the month.

8 September 2011


August 2011

NQ FlyFishers

The NQ Flyfishers held their August meeting on the 27th August. The minutes from the meeting can be read here.

31 August 2011


Film Festival A Great Success

We had a great turnout for the Film Festival on Friday night. Between 30 and 40 members and visitors enjoyed a range of films presented by Nick Reygaert, the highlight being excerpts from his new film-in-progress "Hatch".

From around the globe Nick has captured the most amazing hatches from the chalk streams of the UK to a massive mayfly hatch in Poland to krill off the Bay of Isles in NZ. The spectacles were amazing and the cinematography incredible. Narrated by reknowned Australian fly fishing author Greg French it's going to be an awesome film. I can't wait to see the final cut.

Other films Nick presented to us included Jazz and Fly - a group of scandinavian jazz musicians who play jazz and fish. A great laid back, off-beat film about four guys who just enjoy getting out there and fishing, and how those few moments of magic when you hook a nice fish makes it all worth while. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they prove that you don't need to catch huge fish or huge numbers to thoroughly enjoy fishing.

We also got to see Mikey Weir's follow-up to Soulfish, aptly named Soulfish II. Mikey has spent 3 weeks rafting down a remote river in Mongolia after his beloved taimen, then travelled to Egypt to fish for Nile Perch in Lake Nassau. If the fishing isn't inspiring enough, the scenery is fantastic.

Finally we got to watch April Vokey and friends fish for Steelhead in British Columbia. This is an amazing part of the world with some tryuly amazing fish. And the spey casting . . . well you just had to see it, it was amazing. There were more than a few of us now who yearn for a go at this style of fishing.

My thanks to Nick for bringing the show to us, to Rob Harwood for generously supplying the projector, to Stickerman for picking up and setting up the screen and speakers, and everyone esle who helped make the night a resounding success. Nick's already looking forward to visiting next year as are we.


13 August 2011


New Philip Weigall Book

Exisle Publishing have a brand new book coming out this month. It’s called Fishing Sense and is written by acclaimed fly fishing author, Philip Weigall.

A perfect book for Father’s Day, Philip knows the mind of a trout inside out and over many decades of fly fishing has learnt the ideal conditions that will make catching your next trout a success.

Here's a link to their media release.

11 August 2011


Hastings Fly Fishers Newsletter

The Hastings Fly Fishers have held their second AGM and sent us their latest newsletter. It can be read here.

8 August 2011

Annual General Meeting

With 10 years to celebrate we had a record turnout of members to the meeting. We welcomed our newest members Ian Keunig and Mick Dillon, and visitors Joel Norman and Brooke Kennett.

Dave gave a stirring speech on the last ten years of the club, it's success due to its members, its principles and the hard work of those who have served on the club's committee. Over 130 people have been a member of the club over the ten year period.

The new committee were elected - they are David Witham (President), Bob Williams (Vice President), Steve Tizard (Treasurer) and Chris Bannerman (Secretary).

People who live too far away to make meetings or trips can now join as an 'out of area' member. For $15 they are entitled to attend two club outings.

Updates on the new web site and the 10 year anniversary book were given by Chris Bannerman. The new web site is up and running. The members' area will be available soon.

Members were reminded that our annual screening of Nick Reygaert's RISE FLY FISHING FILM FESTIVAL will be on Friday 12 August. The venue is our club meeting room at Kariong Neighbourhood Centre at 7.30pm. A preview of the films can be found on Nick's web site Gin-Clear.

The August outing is to Lake St Clair. See the trip calendar for details.

The accomodation for the Oberon outing has been booked for the 28-30 October. We have beds for 16 people so please contact Murray Keating to reserve your place. There will be a $50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place. First in best dressed.

The best fish prize was awarded to Dave DeLuca, Rick Montgomery and Garry Kent.

Species caught in the last month by members included EP, salmon, trout, bream, butterfish, silver drummer, black drummer, mullet, pike, bonefish, trevally and goatfish.

The night finished up with a demo of the new web site and a slide show of photos from the club's last 10 years.

4 August 2011


June 2011
This year's Film Festival presented by Nick Reygaert will be held on Friday 12 August at 7.30pm. Nick's been busy over the last year showing his films to enthusiastic audiences across Europe, so the Festival comes to the Central Coast a bit later than usual. But the wait has been worthwhile as the films presented this year look truly amazing. Check out the previews on Nick's web site here.
7 May 2011
Wednesday night's meeting treated members to a fascinating slideshow and talk presented by one of the greats of Australian fly fishing - Peter Morse. Peter spoke about his top ten species, derived from nearly 300 that he's caught over the years. His stories kept us captivated and photos inspired us. We thank Peter for coming all the way from the Blue Mountains to share his stories with us. It was greatly appreciated by all.
March 2011
Coming up to our ten year anniversary there's been some talk of celebrations and commemorations. One idea is to publish a book commemorating ten years of fly fishing by the club. Chris Bannerman has volunteered to head a small group to produce the book and have it published. The book will cover our history, favourite fishing destinations and species and a bit about those who have put so much effort into steering the club on its successful path over the years.

November 2010 Meeting

The November meeting saw the close of the calendar photo competition. Fifty four photos were entered and members voted for their favourites.

After the voting was over we were treated to another fantastic slide show from John Robertson. John has just returned from South Africa where he spent time fishing for a variety of exotic fish. His trip report will appear here shortly.

Also of interest was the new clear acrylic body material "Tuffleye" which was demonstrated by Dave Witham. The gel-like substance is easly to handle, is cured by UV light and is reported to stay clear for forever! Numerous members show a great deal of interest and ordered some via Dave, so no doubt we'll see how this goes.